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Signal Lost

2012. 12. 01. - Gargaj

It's been 10 years since we released our first real demo, and now it was time to step it up a notch: our recent work, Signal Lost, in cooperation with CrownGear, is now available! Feel free to head over to Pouët to leave a comment, or watch the live recording on YouTube if your PC isn't up to speed.


2010. 07. 29. - Gargaj

So today is our 10th birthday.

Well, that was unexpected.

2009. 08. 08. - Gargaj

The full story:

July 30 - Ferris / Youth Uprising asks me if I wanna do music for his 4k for Assembly. I agree, 'cuz why not.
August 4 - Having completely forgotten about it, I'm reminded. I whip up the tune in about an hour at most.
August 6 - 4k compo deadline at ASM.
August 7 - 4k compo showing.
August 8 - Prizegiving - we won Assembly.

Life's not fair I guess.


2008. 07. 28. - Gargaj

Ok, so we still suck at updating the site, and the admin interface doesn't seem to help - but we'll just blame it on Kelsey travelling to save the world in Indiscreetistan. We did a demo for SceneCON, got third, which is prolly the best we could do about it, and we joined up with our buddies in Outracks to whack up a 4k for Solskogen. Now it's time to sit back, relax, and realize we're late with Function organizing.

Dirt and rust at SceneCON, woo!

2007. 06. 17. - kelsey

WE WON SCENECO... khm. Gotta behave. So, yes, we ranked first at SceneCON 2007 in the combined 64K compo, with our newest release titled Träsh. Grab it, it's fresh and hot, available at the prods section.


2007. 05. 18. - Gargaj

We seriously need to figure out a policy to update more often. Anyway. We were at Breakpoint, we brought a 4k and spectacularly dove WAAY under the bar we wanted to reach - but I guess it's still kinda nice. Anyway, next BP will be better. SceneCON 64k in progress, hopefully.


2007. 01. 12. - Gargaj

Lars WHAT?
Damnit. I knew the name was a bad idea. Damnit.
In other news, we released a demo called "Happens." at tUM, which surprisingly got 3rd place and we won a bunch of nice stuff. Somehow it feels the less one busts a nut, the more one scores. Strange.
And no, it's not autobiographical. Or well, some of it. Also, don't try it at home.

We seriously need an admin interface

2006. 11. 19. - Gargaj

So yeah. Apparently updating isn't really one of our virtues. Heh.
Anyhow. You prolly already saw the Bassotron remix, so i'll skip that - we won. We also released a 64k at Kindergarden after ~20 hours of coding straight and lost to a 4k which had a pig made out of specular shaded spheres... oh well, that's life. (No hard feelings towards anyone, obviously - but admit it, it does sound rather strange.)
In a more positive note, we have a new member in the team - Maxie, a longtime friend of ours who has been helping us out with graphics for a while now. Slowly, but consistently, Ümlaüt Design starts to feel like a group now. What could we say? Watch us.

Let's get ready to crinkle!

2006. 07. 09. - Gargaj

And as usual, we spend our summer working on prods for no apparent reason. Without revealing much of the plans, I guess I can just say that we're not changing on a concept that works.
See you at Demozone and Assembly.

Oh fuck, we died!

2006. 04. 20. - Gargaj

Apparently the demoscene doesn't tolerate runner-ups and people who don't win compos deserve horrible deaths, because they're unable to free their scene spirits - at least according to the concepts of this year's Breakpoint. Oh well, nice knowing you. (No hard feelings of course, but last year's prizegiving made much more sense.)
In less tragic news, we got 3rd place in the 4k compo with f6a, which I personally find remarkable considering that even though we really concentrated and worked on this intro, it wasn't much time invested. (Apart from the insane amount of time spent on the synth.) In the end of the day, especially considering that we were played last in the compo, I wouldn't have minded placing even better, but we're not complaining, that's for sure.
We also happened to make a co-op prod with our good friends Traction, a demo that ended up pretty much in the middle area (11th), due to basically lack of polish-time and all that. This hopefully wasn't the last joint effort we did with them however, so let's see what the future holds.


2006. 02. 10. - Gargaj

Much to our surprise, Structure and Structure 2: Sequence was included on the recent Demo or Die! DVD Vol. 4. Personally, I'm quite surprised and it caught me quite unexpected since it's a great honor to be up there with other demos like 195/95 or Xmix. I hope this sheds a bit more light on the group.
I also have some hopes considering the Scene.org Awards; it would be really nice to snatch at least a nomination for whatever category it may be. Of course, I might be overly optimistic here - but I feel this year might.
And as for Breakpoint: we'll see.


2005. 10. 11. - Gargaj

Phew. Function is oooohohooveer... And we won! We scored three in a row! In cooperation with ZooM / Conspiracy, we managed to made our biggest hit so far: Structure 2: Sequence! Let's see how well the reception continues.
Some thoughts about the demo: Probably not your average factory flyby escalating into blobby DCS, but still... In my mind it stands somewhere on the edge of mainstream and alternative, and I'm quite proud of that. Everything is synced by hand once again, because I have a fetish for maintaining sync-control for every little motion in a demo so I ditched FFT for that and I feel I did rightfully so. Oh and did you notice that the time signature of the music is not 4/4?
The year's not over. BCN, unfortunately, was abandoned due to various financial conflicts (sorry Spanish guys, we REALLY REALLY wanted to go... but we've just been ordered a shit sandwich and we have to chew through that first...), so currently we're targeting on the end of the year: tUM. Do not take this as granted - we've yet to see. Let's say there's a chance.


2005. 09. 07. - Gargaj

First off, I'd like to announce that we've been joined by Kelsey - the first ever member of the team who actually volunteered, instead of being nagged to death with joining. It seems the team is getting into decent ratios now, let's hope we can actually do something properly now.
In other news, I'd also like to note that we're "endorsing" the Function 2005 demoparty. You're more than welcome to visit, even if you're from abroad, it will be fun, don't worry.
At the moment we're working our various bodyparts off to be able to pull out a demo for the party (possibly a sequel to Structure), so root for us and give us free beer so we can actually do it.

Release Rush #1 over

2005. 08. 10. - Gargaj

Phew. That was one tough month of partying. We managed to harvest three(!) Top 3 placings on 3 consecutive parties, and the year's far from over yet! Expect more coolness on Function 2005!
I'm also very very happy to welcome TSW among our ranks, finally I feel like I'm working on stuff with SOMEONE who feels responsible and willing to invest effort on expense of resources. The recruitment still goes on though - keep an eye out.
Considering releases: Bassotron will have a video version for people without shaders; The Evoke Spacerace soundtrack will be released; 73 will be finalized with more content and more creeps, and possibly another intro inside the exe.
And of course, we're just getting started...
But I need a sleep now. Good night.

Wahey! New site!

2005. 06. 12. - Gargaj

Hey, look, we got a new site and allegedly it looks better than the old one! OMG!
I guess everytime changes happen we update the site look every now and then... But the trick is never to tell anyone. So we didn't. We let you find out on your own, and in case you do, feel free to notify us.
Many things have changed and will change. I grew tired of doing stuff on my own all the time, so I've been out recruiting - and this time, not the "Will someone do graphics for me?!?!?!"-way. I decided that since if two people working together aren't friends, the project won't work anyway, I'll try to look around a few friends who might want to participate in such projects. It worked. I won't reveal many details. You'll see.
I also decided to be more strict on the old members. Before misunderstandings ensue: Noone was kicked or removed from the group. But if the old members still want to be listed on the members roster, they should at least drop me an e-mail. It's not hard really, and if they care about the group they check the site frequently enough, so there shouldn't be a problem.
We're still looking for new members; if you feel like joining a group of idiots creating stuff which is considered weird even inside the demoscene, and you feel highly productive as well, just go ahead and drop us a mail.
Oh, and keep a lookout for DemoZone.