Limp Ninja And Ümlaüt Design Announce Acquisition Deal

SEOUL (REPUBLIC OF KOREA) and BUDAPEST (HUNGARY) -- 7th January 2007 --Limp Ninja Digital Entertainment (LN) and Ümlaüt Design (ÜD). today announced the proposed acquisition of ÜD's .Kklangzeug Technologies by LN, has been accepted. As a result, all IP connected to .Kklangzeug is now the intellectual property of LN Digital Entertainment.

The proposed acquisition was announced on December 27, 2006 and is no longer subject to the approval of ÜD members. The transaction is completed in full at time of writing, January 7, 2007.

A special meeting of ÜD shareholders approved the transaction on December 29, 2006 in Karlsruhe-Durlach (Germany).

“We are pleased to pass through the acquisition smoothly,” said LN Spokesperson Helenita Gertz. “We look forward to merging the codebases of L-Synth and .Kklangzeug to drive innovation for our customers, partners and the demoscene.”

“Our integration planning is underway and the more closely we get to know the source code, the more excited we are about the opportunities and potential for the combined technological platform and our customers once the deal is completed,” said Ahern Banning, President and Chief Executive Officer of LN Digital Entertainment Europe.

About LN

Limp Ninja is an international art collective. Founded in 2003, LN is dedicated to delivering cross-media experiments on unconventional media and providing leverage to artists from all over the globe.
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About ÜD

Ümlaüt Design is a Hungarian multimedia production group, specializing in yet unexplored areas of synesthesia, procedural generation and A/V synchronization.
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