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So who or what is Ümlaüt Design?

That's a tricky question. It has a simple answer and a not-so-simple answer, and the latter is closer to the truth.

The simple answer is that we're a demogroup - a digital art collective making realtime algorhythmic art to compete at demoscene parties. We formed in 2000 in Miskolc, Hungary as a bunch of high school friends and have been joined by a number of friends along the way, while ranking up some nice achievements in the meantime.

The longer answer is that Ümlaüt Design is an ever-changing manifestation of attitude, that has kept as going and reinventing and playfully splashing in genres and styles with a childlike fervour. It's an artistic extension for a small group of naive friends who enjoy making what they like, jumping technical hurdles and scepticism along the way.

If this sounds awfully hipster to you, just think about how no two ÜD demos are alike, how we sometimes pushed some boundaries and how we sometimes deliberately stayed within the confines of some. Sometimes people understood, and sometimes they didn't. The important part was always to stick to what we wanted to do in the first place.

We couldn't have done it without being close friends. And in hindsight, that perhaps is the most treasured thing what ÜD accomplished.